Opening Speech at CEOsNetworkAfrica 2019

As most of you know, this is the second year of the Under 30 CEOs awards gala. When we came together to create this Initiative a year ago, our primary objective included not only creating a platform for CEOs to network, but also encouraging young Nigerians through their journey as entrepreneurs. We aptly themed this year’s gala “beating the odds” to represent the fact that each one of you has pushed through in your respective fields despite being faced with different challenges. Collectively, we believe that the youths are the driving force of development in Nigeria and we have made it our mission to support these youths as well as we can.

This entire process has not been an easy one. In choosing the categories, we carefully considered selections that cut across diverse walks of life including agriculture, advocacy, sports, community development, and 21 others. From these different categories, we received a total of 4,730 nominations across the board. So, narrowing this number down to 130 was certainly a daunting task. Yet we feel confident in knowing that the nominees who sit here before us tonight are perfectly worthy of the recognition, and the 148,000 total number of votes we amassed should tell you just how much your fellow Nigerians also believe in you. Being in this room tonight simply means that you are doing something right, so please keep it up!